News Alert, April 10

Osprey back at Nelson Memorial Park, Plymouth, MA.

Armed with only a 300MM lens, we were at a disadvantage for close up shots without disturbing the Osprey. Better than no images at all.  Tomorrow is just a few hours away.

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Short Video

“Illusions can be pleasant, but the rewards of truth are enormously better.”



From wintering grounds in South America to Nelson Park

Back in Plymouth MA,  Nelson Park, again for more Osprey viewing.  Great day too. One image below shows a Banded Osprey. Click to enlarge. The images were pushing the distance on my lens, so the quality is somewhat missing.  There is enough stress in our environment without me adding to it. And of course, Chloe and I last weekend. Chloe will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about our Environment, then on the way home, she will write a narrative on our adventure. Oh, did I tell you, she is only 8 years old.


   (below)    this is what I see through my eyes.