Taunton, My New Place

Today. Wrong lens for a good shot, but better than none. Though I was back in Dighton this morning.

“You’re capable of such beautiful dreams.” Carl Sagan

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A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections, – a mere heart of stone.

Charles Darwin

Just let them come

Sometimes I am just to lazy to leave the back patio. So, I just wait for them to come to us. The lingering light was rapidly falling tonight, but not before a Deer wandered nearby.  The  night sky stood an inky canopy of darkness when it came back later on its journey home, a bit to dark for a good picture though.


More Back Yard Fun

While rain is often desperately desired for home lawns and gardens, it can bring problems.  One of those ‘problems’ can pop up quickly literally overnight–mushrooms. The majority of mushrooms are nuisance problems, appearing repeatedly if conditions are right. They may have an odor. They are annoying but cause no damage to the grass or to our landscape plants. Most fungi in lawns are beneficial, because they decompose organic matter buried in the soil, releasing nutrients that are then available for plant growth. Never eat mushrooms growing in your lawn or garden. The majority are poisonous.

…….And one more thing, they sure are beautiful. Capture the image before things dry out

Challenge Yourself

Grab the kids, put down the cell phones, pick up your camera and for a moment, sit still and just look around. A photographer can bring life what you thought was just your mundane back yard. As you can see, we just love the Cardinals.





Humming Birds back in North Dighton

The male ruby-throated hummingbird is unmistakable, with glossy green feathers above and a stunning gorget that glitters like its namesake. Even the females are easily identified, for this species is the only hummingbird that commonly appears in Massachusetts although other humming birds such as the  green-and-orange female Rufous Hummingbird will visit your garden or feeders as well. Did you know, hummingbirds can enter a special state called torpor, similar to what we term hibernation in mammals, in which their metabolism slows down tremendously. A hummingbird in torpor is almost impossible to awaken! This can be beneficial during times food is scarce.  Ruby-throated hummingbird is the only hummingbird that nests in the eastern United States.

Below, using GoPro Hero to film at 240 fps

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below: A bit of fun with Topaz filters

Gray Tree Frog

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Remodeling has to wait as a gray tree frog makes a temporary home on the work site. I spend days in the forest looking for them, without success. So they come to me this week. Apparently it enjoys the comfort of a roof slate and funnel. This is nothing unique for my deck, they visit often as seen here,  Flower Container

When I see this frog on my deck or flower pot or garden, I cant help but wonder about chapter 1 of The Sixth Extinction. ( Elizabeth Kolbert) Wildlife preservation and the vanishing natural world surly grabs our attention.

Amphibians survived the dinosaur extinction just fine.  Are they in peril now?

“Life is not a substance, like water or rock; it’s a process, like fire or a wave crashing on the shore. It’s a process that begins, lasts for a while, and ultimately ends. Long or short, our moments are brief against the expanse of eternity.”
― Sean Carroll, The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself
In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
Margaret Atwood

Best Birthday Gift


Couldn’t ask for a nicer birthday gift from someone special. Chloe, my granddaughter loves nature, and of course, raccoons. So, this is my gift as i turn 62 years old.