Browning Trail Camera

Night time activity is in full swing in the back yard. The animals seem to gravitate around my back shed. Lots of worms and grubs available. Browning Trail Camera catches the view in North Dighton, MA

Another use for trail cameras is security. It is an inexpensive way to keep an eye on your property.  Most trail cameras provide a time stamp on the photo and video so you know exactly when the image was taken.  A friend of mine, Michael Panarelli, of Dighton, Ma, builds, or should I say, ‘creates” beautiful bird houses. One of which I hide a trail camera inside after a mailbox thief in Dighton was caught taking my mail items. My cameras were in plain sight, but not anymore. The bird house was perfect. I have other bird houses from Mike, doing their intended duties for our backyard birds.

Watch the fun here

Mike Panarelli (pictured below)  for more on Mike, visit HERE